About me

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Dear friends,

Wellcome to my personal webpage!

My name is Kyriaki, I am Greek, and lately I have been living between Athens and London. I prefer not to define myself as one thing, since I believe that labels can be stereotypes that eliminate one’s multi dimensions. I would say that my initial field is acting, but I am also a performer, a director, a model and a translator. Above all, I am someone who loves any type of art.

I also love traveling, and I consider art as an amazing way of travelling that helps us travel in time and space, travel in cultures, travel inside us… travel to whatever inspires us…

I find inspiration everywhere: in nature, in people, in darkness, in light, in emotions, acts or details…The important thing is how we accept all these stimuli, how we allow them to transform us, and thereby  through us, to become art.

I strongly believe in art, any type of art. For me it is a way to the light, art is life and life is art.

Kyriaki Mitsou


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